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Enhancing the Chandra archive with ZTF alert streams through annotation

As a software developer at the Chandra X-ray Observatory I created and now maintain a programmatic interface that enhances the Chandra Data Archive through annotations, which integrate data from optical transient surveys.

Our project was in part motivated by the new window on the transient and variable optical sky, opened by current and upcoming synoptic telescopes. Given that transient and variable events are expected to emit in both the visible and X-ray spectrum, cross-matching and multi-band analysis are particularly salient tools for classifying and characterizing these phenomena.

We also hope that this software will demonstrate a powerful and generalizable approach, for archives to both cater to the new scientific needs of communities they serve and maximize their scientific legacies.

To learn more about this project:
☞ visit my github repository where the software has been uploaded for public use!
☞ view our poster presented at the 19th Divisional Meeting of the High Energy Astrophysics Division of the AAS -- more info available here.